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Vladimir Filippov (Spaceline)!
Spaceline - a talented Russian musician and DJ!
His musical career started at 1993 as a DJ! Music he wrote is very rare.
But over time, his interest to write his own tracks began to grow rapidly.
Vladimir tries new popular and fascinating styles of music. There is a lot of experimenting.
The year 2009 for the musician is the most productive. It's great becase it's filled with amazing
musical works, artistic breakthrough and many interestind and good relationships and contacts.
Vladimir received support from the top DJs and musicians, for the tracks some of them
were written the remixes.
In most digital stores available the singles and albums of the Spaceline!
It's also available on the physical media too.
Basic styles of music, which writes Vladimir Spaceline: Uplift, Progressive and Vocal Trance!

SOON OUT - Wellenrausch - Echoes In The Night (SpaceLine Remix)

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